Special Exhibition Zone

Advanced Material Zone

Technologies & Products for Exhibiting

Nano materials

Cellulose nanofiber carbon nanotubes; graphene; metallic, inorganic or organic nanoparticles, and nanorods, measurement/evaluation, safety of nanoparticles, nano-processing technology and so on

Battery materials

Positive-electrode materials (cobalt, manganese, nickel, etc.), negative-electrode materials (graphite, hard carbon, tin, silicon materials, etc.), electrolyte solution/electrolyte, separator (polyolefin, etc.), copper foil, binders, additives and so on

Pharmaceutical materials

Diluents, disintegrants, binders, lubricants, coatings and so on

Food materials

Health food, functional food, nursing care food, additives and so on

Composite materials

Particle dispersion composites, multilayer-coated particles, organic-inorganic hybrid materials and so on

Material manufacturing methods

Particle coating, particle deposition, particle synthesis and other manufacturing methods for new materials

Simulation Zone

Technologies & Products for Exhibiting


Commercial software, video editor, DEM, CAD, CFD, and workstation

Obtaining physical properties for simulation

AFM, pycnometer, adhesive force measuring apparatus, and zeta-potential measuring equipment

Equipment for verification tests

PIV, high-speed camera, laser microscope, and SEM

Common booth specification

In addition to general and trial booths, the inexpensive specification with basic display is also available.

Fee per booth (including tax)

242,000 JPY / booth

Booth size

1.98m W x 1.98m D x 2.7m H / booth

Fee includes following items:

Back and side walls (Octanorm system), Carpet, Company name board, Spotlights × 2, Display table, Folding chair × 1, Power outlet 100V x 1, Power wiring×1kW, Electricity cost×1kW,

*Even if you do not use any of the above facilities, the fee as mentioned the above will be charged in full.

[Privileges of exhibitors for this zone]
Those parties / companies who are participating this zone will be granted a privilege to deliver a 15 minutes presentation on their products and technologies at the Presentation Corner. (The First 8 companies can have this presentation)